Day 1 of 365, 1 Commit Per Day

I saw this post from Jason Leow on Twitter and thought it to align pretty well with what I want to achieve.

Jason Leow on Twitter

So by accident I embarked on this 1 commit per day challenge for in 2024.

The reasoning behind this is to elevate my standards to a whole new level.

Which is:

To ship more products.

And I can only ship and launch more products if I code more on a daily basis.

Therefore, the 1 commit per day in 2024 as this forces me to become one with my laptop.

And to set higher standards for myself, which in return will give me different results.

Instead of setting goals, set standards

The whole mistake "new years resolution people" make is that they set goals e.g.

  • I want to lose 10 kilogram in 2024
  • I want to earn 100k euros in 2024
  • I want to find my soulmate in 2024

Instead you ideally achieve that goal by raising your standards e.g.

  • I will go to the gym 3 times a week and avoid sugar and fried based foods in 2024 - to lose 10 kilogram.
  • I will create 10 startups in 2024 by writing code every day so that I can make 100k euros.
  • I will improve my personal hygiene, go to the gym 5 times a week and go on 3 dates a week to find my soulmate in 2024.

By improving yourself, you are setting yourself up by getting closer to that goal.

Watch me doing at least 1 git commit in 2024 with my day job and my own family of 2 kids. - Raise your standards and the rest will follow automatically.

What are your excuses for not starting to create instead of only consuming?

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