This week I barely got any work done on my projects. My kids got sick and after that I got it as well. It seems the worst part is over. But it also reminded me of my priorities. The goals that I set to improve myself i.e wake up at 05:00AM everyday and work on my projects in my spare time all go down on the list of priorities when my children are caught up with the flu.

I recently heard a quote from Kobe Bryant that his love for the game was so strong that he played even with the flu and with his back being sore. He wanted to be the greatest basketball player all-time. That quote stuck with me, so today when I woke up feeling all cold, trembling and just weak. I thought of Kobe Bryant saying that quote. So I just did my regular routine - going downstairs and make bread with my daughter and after I had eaten. I felt better, I was sick but I felt better and I felt strong.

But as I felt myself catching a cold and gradually feeling weaker. This thought prevailed strongly: "I can not afford being sick. Not right now." First because as a dad I need to be right there and there for my kids whenever they need me. And my daughter wanted to do fun stuff today (leuke dingen doen).

I was sick today and yesterday, but still worked my day job yesterday and did fun stuff with my kids today as that is my duty, my role and what is expected of me. Looks like tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I will resume waking up at 5 and work on my own stuff. I have tons of ideas that I want to execute on, the only thing that I am in shortage of is time.

One of the better parts of switching from being a consumer to a creator is that even still if you create a side project and make your first 5 online dollar sale.

It will not make you rich. But it inspires you to build/create more, to think of what other opportunities you can act upon.

So that measle 5 dollars inspired you to create more and in the end you will succeed because of that.

It seems to me that the biggest danger right now in society is consumerism. Every app is designed to keep you on it for as long as possible as it in their interest to spike up their numbers. Even watching a serie on Netflix, it is fun and interesting but it will leave you kind of empty afterwards. That time that you spent devouring that show of 3 seasons, you could have built something online with code or no-code. The worst part is that most folks are completely unware of this and let their soul get sucked into everything.

The whole goal of creating is to have multiple streams of income and not to be dependant on one source of income. To be free is the end goal. To spend time with my kids as much as I can.

If you have tasted your first online dollars, there is no turning back.

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